About PlayShare


We undertake our endeavors with the utmost goodwill, aiming to offer you a highly functional and user-friendly app.

Our team excels in listening to the voice of our users. Should you encounter any issues while using the software, feel free to provide us with feedback or seek assistance from us. you can tell us by send email to [email protected] . Once we have implemented the calculator, we will send you the link.

The PlayShare Team

  • Neo Huang, a seasoned technical expert and full-stack engineer with a wealth of technical experience.He is proficient in programming languages such as React, Swift, PHP, Golang, and Java, and is skilled in market operations, SEO, and ASO.


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Event Log

Date Event
2024-03 Buy new domain PlayShare.cc . Release a new official website.
2023-05 NeoServer has been launched and has won the affection of numerous server administrators.